Vending Machine in Warehouse


ATOM has partnered with world-leading vending machine providers to bring the latest technology in industrial vending solutions to Australia. 

Vending machines are more than just food and drink dispensers. Our vending machines have many different models to meet your needs, you can explore some of our range below. Experience the following with ATOMic Vending Services:

  • Seamless Web Services Connection

  • Easy Reporting

  • Machines to Suit Your Application

  • Greater Availability (24hr Access)

  • Strong Inventory Control

  • Reduced Consumption & Wastage

Reduced Consumption – Increased Productivity

ATOMic vending machines can reduce typical consumable consumption by 25-30% through controlled
access to stock and state of the art reporting.

Bringing Products to Your Workforce

Your most valuable asset is your workforce, yet having them idle while they walk to a centrally located
storeroom and waiting to get served, is reducing productivity and costing you money. ATOMic's vending
solutions brings the most consumed products closer to your workforce, available 24/7 and allows for
controlled self-service maximising productivity.

Track, Manage & Control Stock with Ease

ATOMic vending machines are supported by industry leading, user-friendly software that enables you to
have real-time stock management and reporting. The vending software equips you with the information
you need in order to manage your employee’s stock use, providing you with a way to track your inventory
consumption, reduce waste and be lean, all available though a secure online portal.

The software also enables ATOM to automatically replenish your stock as you need it, meaning you never
have to worry about your consumable supplies again.

Web Services Connection Technology

ATOMic vending machines are simple to use, equipped with web services connection technology.
All you need is a power point and a wired or wireless connection to the internet. There is no software to
install on your site, no servers to buy or maintain and nothing for your IT department to support thanks to
the best practice cloud-based service, which is subject to a low monthly data fee.

Vending Machines To Suit Your Needs

ATOMic vending machines are available in a wide range of configurations to suit your site's consumption
and the type of products you regularly use. A combination of vending machines can be installed on your
work site to best suit your needs.

Edge 5000

Outstanding inventory control, ideal for single item dispensing of a wide variety of items, including parts, materials and supplies. Predominately used for PPE and industrial consumables.

Megastore 9000

Outstanding inventory control, intended for multi-item dispensing of a wide variety of items of varying shapes and sizes. Predominately used for industrial consumables and parts.

Megastore 9500

Enjoy the same benefits of the Megastore 9000 with the added advantage of 5 drawers with various depths and bin sizes fitted with load cells for the real time measurement of items including tools, parts and high value supplies.

6000 Series Lockers

Allows you to restrict access based on job roles, departments, work orders and more. Great for mobile asset dispensing and tracking. Can also be configured to recharge tools whilst stored.

6500 Series Lockers

Enjoy the same benefits of the 6000 but with added advantage of Smart Sensor Platform, which electronically captures items that are removed/returned in real time, to whom and when.


A hi-tech solution to manage free issue of consumables. Each bin is equipped with a Smart Sensor platform for providing transparent information and automatic replenishment via weight measures. This solution is especially suited to fasteners and other production line consumables.

Combi Locker

Manage the consumption of both consumables and mobile assets with the ATOMic Combo. The ATOMic Combo combines the vending capabilities of the Edge 5000 and the 6000 Series Lockers to actively track and restrict the use of both consumables and mobile assets based on job roles, departments, works orders and more.

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