ToolTrak™ is a unique custom designed program to manage, track and record the movement of tools and the use of industrial consumables, that can be used in any location. Developed by ATOM, this industry leading system allows you to stay on top of your supplies, tool location and most importantly, your costs.

The system allows you to capture the true cost of a project by recording consumable usage and tool use, loss or damage by employee/contractor. No matter the size and value of the tool or consumable, ToolTrak™ will be there to help.

ToolTrak™ can also be set up to ensure that regularly used consumables are automatically re-ordered and re-stocked, ensuring continuity of supply. Stock take has also never been easier with ToolTrak™ on your side.


Pivotal to the system is the Intermec CN 50 hand held PDA with functionality such as 3G accessibility and easy to use barcode scanners, which are used to record the movement of tools and consumables by site. While the ToolTrak™ system works effectively in conjunction with ATOM’s Site Store Management, the system is equally effective with your own managed storage/tool shop set-up.

ToolTrak™ Interface

Check-in Delivery Goods: This is when the user would like to check-in delivery goods (CIDEL).
Check-in: This is when the user would like to check in returnable equipment which they have finished using.
Stock Take: This is when the user wants to do stock take.

Check-out: This is when the user wants to check-out items (regardless whether the item is MSDS, returnable equipment or a normal item).
List of Unsent Data: Shows the list of data which is not sent by the PDA because of connection down.
Data Sync: To allow users to synchronise PDA products and ASN list with the B2BE server. This will get the most updated data from the B2BE server.


To find out more about how ToolTrak™ can reduce your workload and improve your efficiency, contact us.

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