ATOMic Distribution 2.0

ATOMic Distribution 2.0

Like ATOM, distribution has developed quickly over the past few years.

Our distribution will always be about great, personal service and fast, accurate supply (these are the things we pride and differentiate ourselves on), but it is also developing into so much more, so that we can boast such things as:

- Both a national (including remote and offshore) and export distribution capability

- Access to millions of “little things” - every “little thing” imaginable for your business needs

- Competitive pricing, including fixed, buy-bulk and everyday low pricing on your most commonly sourced products

- A technology platform capable of system-to-system integration and online transactions

- Direct access to and deep experience in global sourcing

ATOM is currently developing “Distribution 2.0 – Fast and Frictionless Fulfilment”. As part of this, we are embracing “the internet of things” to introduce the most advanced consumable and mobile asset management technologies. We’re also working with software partners to eliminate touch points and capture meaningful data throughout the supply chain for enhanced decision-making.

So what does life look like prior to setting up ATOMic inventory solutions and how could it be now?

Inventory Management Solutions

THEN: Having a fixed site store is both inflexible and time consuming for workers to travel to, who then have to wait in line to be served by another worker. This is a labour-intensive system as there needs to be someone manning the front counter and retrieving the requested items, and they’re not available all hours. When there’s no one manning the store, there’s no access to the items. Keeping track of inventory as it comes in and out can be difficult and inventory can often go missing or be given to those not authorised to use it.

NOW: With ATOMic solutions, inventory management is now flexible, mobile to be where you need it most and Cloud-connected for easy tracking. Controlled self-service maximises productivity as the most consumed products are brought closer to your workforce and less labour is required since it doesn’t have to be manned like a store. Another benefit is that the consumables are now available any time of day so that workers can get the items they need, whenever they need it. Real-time stock management and reporting lets you easily track usage. With a choice of industrial-strength solutions such as KanbanPro, vending machines and lockers, ATOMic can suggest the right fit for your workplace.

Site and Pop-Up Store Solutions

THEN: In instances where a basic container is used to house consumables with a free-issue system, items tend to go missing and it’s difficult to track usage and stock levels. Consumption and wastage can also be high as items aren’t being tracked and access to the container is not monitored.

NOW: With ATOMic inventory control solutions in place, access to items is controlled, unmanned, Cloud-connected and vending & locker integrated. Site or pop-up “stores” can be comprised of multiple containers to house all of the most-consumed items with single or multi-user access.

Procure to Pay Solutions

THEN: Juggling multiple-touchpoints is both manual and labour-intensive, yet provides poor data to understand how products are being used and by whom. It’s a multistep process needing to contact many different people just to put an order through.

NOW: With ATOMic’s Procure to Pay solutions, the system of purchasing is automated, algorithm driven, low-touchpoint and system-to-system. The high visibility of the process and data enriched decision making allows for greater efficiency and cost reduction.

If you have any queries regarding distribution and how ATOMic can help your business, contact the team today.