Free Issue Inventory Management


KanbanPRO is a simple solution to manage your consumables, providing transparent information and automatic replenishment of your inventory. KanbanPRO ensures you and your workers are never out of the little things you need to get the job done.


Flexible configuration options are available to allow you to use the KanbanPRO for a variety of products including PPE, cutting tools, fasteners and more. Plus, with the two bin system, inventory is stored efficiently reducing your requirement for storage areas.

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The KanbanPRO Solution

The KanbanPRO shelving is set up with two stocked bins of product, bin one at the front and bin two behind. When bin one is empty, the user simply scans the bin and places it on the empty bin shelf at the top. Bin two will then automatically slide forward and is fully stocked so your team can get back to work.

The KanbanPRO racking is designed to store your products in an efficient and professional configuration. Features include:

  • Shelf width designed to house multiple bins

  • Tilted shelves to move the secondary bin to the primary location once the empty bin is removed

  • Modular system that allows for increase in capacity

  • Neat, uniformed presentation of bins, allowing for easy product identification

  • Colour coded identification for shelves allows for easy product identification


KanbanPRO is a simple solution for your workplace to ensure you never run out of the vital little things you need to get the job done.

Have your own shelving or system you want to use? Utilise the KanbanPRO software with your exisitng setup.


Your Racking

Utilising your own existing racking or shelving re-layout your existing inventory using your own racking and parts bins, grouping products together and labelling your shelves with KanbanPRO labels.


This is a simple solution if you are happy with your consumables area and just want to take advantage of the KanbanPRO software benefits.


Your Racking & KanbanPRO Bins

Use your own racking with KanbanPRO’s neat bin system. An ATOMic representative will re-layout your existing inventory using your own racking and KanbanPRO parts bins, grouping products together and labelling the bins with KanbanPRO labels.


This is a neat solution if you already have a designated area for your consumables with racking you can utilise.

KanbanPRO Proccess

KanbanPRO App

ATOMic Services have developed a mobile APP platform that uses barcode scanning, this simple solution allows you to manage consumables from the convenience of a smartphone. Simply scan the KanbanPRO shelf label of the product you require or select the item/s from your product list to place your order.


Scan KanbanPRO label barcodes with your phone


Or select products and enter a purchase order number


Adjust quantities in your cart and send the order to ATOM


KanbanPRO Labels

KanbanPRO utilises simple labels to allow you to identify your stock at a glance and easily manage re-ordering with the KanbanPRO app.

The label features colour coding a description of the product and your part number for easy identification. A pick slip date and maximum bin quantity is also included so you can monitor the speed of your consumption and the Barcode allows you to simply scan it with the KanbanPRO app to reorder stock.

Example KanbanPRO label