Always know where your consumables are with ATOMic inventory control solutions. Whether you prefer vending machines, simple re-ordering solutions, on-site stores or simply need a program to track your products, ATOMic have a solution for your site.

Vending Machines

ATOM Inventory Control Services (ATOMic Services) are here to look after all the little things for you with the latest technology in industrial vending services. ATOM has partnered with world-leading vending machine providers to bring the latest technology in industrial vending solutions to Australia.


A simple cost effective way to manage consumables and ensure your site doesn't run out of the products you need to get the job done.

Site & Popup Stores

A single or multi-container configuration with ToolTrak™ technology and optional built-in industrial-strength KanbanPRO/vending/locker machines for complete, automated, cloud‑connected control of your remote or onsite operations.


Track your inventory and industrial consumables with Tooltrak. This industry leading program allows you to stay on top of your supplies, tool locations and most importanty, costs,

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