Edge 5000


ATOMic's Edge 5000 machine holds up to 60 SKUs. It's ideal for single item-dispensing of a wide variety of items, including but not limited to PPE, lubricants and greases, tapes and markers, adhesives, abrasive discs, drill bits, batteries, cleaners, cable ties, extension leads and more. 


The Edge comes in flexible configurations allowing you to move trays and  dividers, change tray heights, change interchange helixes, add spacers, risers and adapters to make the Edge 5000 even more versatile as a configurable and adaptable device.


The Edge 5000 has superior inventory control, it can restrict not only the quantity of items a person can vend but also their access to particular items. Automated alerts can be set for low stock levels and you can schedule usage reports so you always know what your stock levels look like.