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Regal Engineering

Regal Engineering and Line Boring have recently had an ATOMic vending machine installed onsite. Regal’s Chief Operating Officer, Matt Bennetto discussed with ATOM the benefits and new efficiencies the machine has helped them achieve.

Regal are an Engineering and Line Boring company with office and workshop facilities in Kalgoorlie, Perth and Port Headland. Regal offer round the clock availability to their customers, offering tailored and efficient maintenance and repair services to minimise downtime and optimise output.

Their in-house and on-site capabilities include but are not limited to:
• Heavy earth moving equipment repairs, line boring and manufacturing
• Above and below ground materials handling and process plant repair, maintenance and fabrication
• Engineering project services, providing experienced engineers for ‘fit for purpose’ cost efficient solutions directed at improving the operational efficiency of client’s material and handling process plants

ATOM have installed the ATOMic Edge™ 5000 machine on Regal’s Kalgoorlie site where staff were previously getting product from the company stores. Matt explained the stores are not open 24/7 which is an issue as Regal’s operations never stop. Now with the vending machine, Regal’s staff can get what they need whenever they need it.

“It (vending) has given Regal staff members the easy access they require at any time with the use of independent pin codes, giving Regal the ability to track cost and usage. In turn we are now able to view items that are used more frequently and reduce those that aren’t.” – Matt Bennetto

The installation experience went smoothly according to Matt, taking three weeks to get the machine delivered, configured, stocked and running. The vending machine now stocks welding gloves, shock gloves, glasses, grinding discs, hearing protection and more. He was impressed with the availability and variety of stock that can be used in the machine. Matt commented that the greatest benefits of the ATOMic Vending Solution came from the improved efficiencies and reporting abilities the machines provide. Regal has found the reporting outputs easy to follow and has allowed them to track consumption to switch out low use items and replace with higher consumed products. It also allows tracking of consumption by user. Matt chose to explore vending options with ATOM because of the level of customer service and support he has received from ATOM’s Kalgoorlie warehouse. His trust in Brandon Haynes – Kalgoorlie Branch Manager and his team, meant is was a no-brainer when deciding who to go ahead with.

“I would like to thank the ATOM Team for their support towards assisting Regal in cost control of our PPE and consumables, I’m really impressed towards the availability of stock that we are able to store in this machine.”– Matt Bennetto

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