The Actylus™ Vending Machine streamlines replenishment and eliminates stock-outs and emergency orders for your business. Create the ideal bin solution to suit the needs of your business.

• INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY AND EFFICIENCY – Automated low-supply alerts eliminate manual counting, reducing the costs and time to stock your bins by up to 30%

• NO MORE LINES DOWN – Real-time replenishment alerts put an end to safety stock and emergency orders – and keep everyone working.

• TIME-SAVING SMART BINS – Each bin automatically detects restock levels and sends real-time replenishmentv orders, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

• FLEXIBLE CONFIGURATIONS – Create the ideal solution for your workplace by selecting the number of shelves, spacing and bin sizes.

• BRIGHT LIGHTING – Interior lights keep bin contents visible to ensure quick selection.

• FAST AND EASY SET-UP – Designed for quick assembly and same-day set-up.

• EASY ACCESS – The Actylus™ is designed for quick and easy access with no swipe cards or pin codes required.