Axcess Lockers



  • Available with 3, 13, 18, 24 or 36 compartments

  • Single & Multiple Item Dispensing – Lockers can be used for larger items. Optional multi-item dispense function allows multiple items to be stored in a single locker and dispensed using a user code or swipe card to record transaction

  • Check-Out/Check-In – Manages and controls items that require calibration and certification, recharging, and more. High cost specialty tools and diagnostic equipment can be stored/checked out, their usage recorded and checked back in.

  • You will always know when an item has been checked out, who checked it out, and when it was returned. You can set loan periods and notification alerts for overdue items

  • Self-Service Automated Order Pick Up/Will Call – Users receive a secure pick-up code via email, which ensures only the right person can retrieve the item(s)