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ATOMic is a separate business within ATOM, one of Australia's largest industrial and safety suppliers.

ATOMic is leading ATOM’s embrace of the “internet of things” to introduce to Australian industry advanced consumable inventory and mobile asset management technologies.

ATOMic is here to disrupt the market – challenge and ultimately replace old paradigms with new, proven and highly effective ones. Principal amongst these is how businesses manage and control their consumable inventory and mobile assets.

The current paradigm is captured by fixed, labour-intensive “stores” where a high price is paid for control, and where little, if any, intelligence is fed back into the business to improve decision-making.

ATOMic’s range of inventory management solutions replaces this paradigm with flexible, unmanned, mobile, cloud-connected, industrial-strength KanbanPRO, vending and locker solutions as well as vending and locker integrated site‑specific and “pop-up” container stores.

Connect with ATOMic to build a solution customised to your business’s unique needs and discover how your business will benefit from improved control of its consumable inventory and mobile assets, enhanced decision-making through real-time intelligence, and reduced total cost of managing all your little things

ATOM, The Machine Behind the Machine

An industrial vending machine, site store or Kanban solution is useless if it’s not stocked with the supplies you need when your people need them. That’s why it’s important to know that ATOMic Services are backed ATOM, serviced by a national network of industrial and safety walkthrough warehouses, moving millions of products, from thousands of manufacturers. Whatever you need, you can get ‘em at ATOM.

The benefits to include vendor consolidation opportunities, minimal hassles and “emergencies,” reduced freight costs, and peace of mind knowing that the world’s most efficient industrial supply chain ends at your point of use. Our trained solutions specialists can visit your business or site for hands-on demos and in-depth Q&A – with no obligation.

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